The following are the training courses for seafarers wishing to work on super yachts:

Deck operations

  1. Watch rating certificate
  2. Able seafarer (Deck)
  3. Certificate of competency: Officer of the watch for yachts less than 3000 GT
  4. Certificate of competency: Chief mate for yachts less than 3000 GT
  5. Certificate of competency: Master for yachts less than 500 GT
  6. Certificate of competency: Master for Yachts less than 3000 GT


  1. Approved engine course certificate
  2. Marine engine operators’ licence for yachts
  3. Chief engineer (Y4) for yachts less than 200 GT and less than 1500KW / 2nd engineer for small vessels less than 3000 GT and less than 9000 KW
  4. Chief engineer (Y3) for yachts less than 500 GT and less than 3000 KW
  5. Chief engineer (Y2) for yachts less than 3000 GT and less than 9000KW