Visit to St Martin’s College

The first Promotion Campaign for the Pro Crew courses in schools came to an end with the 12th and final visit on Tuesday 26th March; this time it was the turn of St Martin’s College annual careers’ fair. Students aged fourteen to eighteen attended the fair. St Martin’s Institute is an independent educational establishment, situated in Swatar, and has a Maltese and an international student population.

During the fair a good number of students visited the ProCrew stand, asking about the courses being offered. During the fair we gave students an insight into the opportunities available in the local and international maritime industry and the courses that they would have to take up, which lead to various careers in the small vessel industry. Working on a sea-going super yacht seems to attract the imagination of the most daring young people.

It was a lovely experience going around different schools and meeting students and teaching staff. We know that now students will be breaking up for a short Easter break and then will concentrate on the Secondary Education Certificate Examinations. Others will be preparing for the end of year examinations. So we thank you for hosting us in your schools and wish you all the luck in your studies. Please in touch with us through our webportal for updated information about ProCrew.


Visit to St Theresa College Secondary School at Mrieħel

The drive to promote the Pro Crew courses continued with a visit to St Theresa College Secondary School at Mrieħel, on Friday 8th March. Our team organised an information session for 15 and 16 year-old students at the school.

During this tenth information session Ing Godwin Caruana assisted by Mr Julian Izzo delivered a presentation including a short video highlighting the carreer opportunities for future learners who will be taking up ProCrew courses. Information was provided about the various courses being offered  and how they lead to the various career opportunities in the maritime sector, particularly the Small Vessel Deck Officers, Hospitality Stewards, and Marine Engineering routes. Information was also given about the increasing job opportunities resulting from the expanding super yacht activity in Maltese marinas.

Around fifty students attended this information session. Both during and after the presentation several students asked MCAST representatives various follow-up questions, showing that information about the maritime sector and the super yacht area in particular, is sometimes lacking. These ProCrew information sessions are going a long way in filling this void.

Half-day career fair at De La Salle College in Birgu

The Pro Crew campaign continued on Wednesday 13th March with an eleventh visit to a half-day career fair at De La Salle College in Birgu, up the hill from the Birgu Marina, home to Malta’s finest super yacht facility. De La Salle College is a Church secondary school and the fair was targeted mainly at 15 and 16 who are about the finish their compulsory school years and are in the process of choosing their future career path.

The day kicked off with an information session for year 11 students in which Ing Godwin Caruana assisted by Mr Julian Izzo spoke about career opportunites in the sector. An informative video highlighted work on super yacths. Being close to the Birgu Marina, students could relate the information given to them to the yacthing activity taking place in the majestic Grand Harbour Marina, one kilometre down the road. Around a hundred students attended this interactive information session.

The session continued at the ProCrew information stand where various students and staff stopped over asking about the ProCrew courses. Godwin and Julian were more than happy to provide more information about opportunities in the local and international maritime small vessel industry.