ProCrew – Met the Church Schools Guidance Teachers

The ProCrew information campaign continued on Wednesday 12 February when our team met the Church Schools guidance teachers at the Catholic Institute in Floriana for the 9th ProCrew information session. Church schools account for about 40% of compulsory school provision on the Maltese islands. About 20 guidance teachers attended the information session.

Ing Godwin Caruana, assisted by Mr Julian Izzo, delivered a presentation highlighting the career opportunities for students enrolling in the ProCrew courses. Guidance teachers play a vital role in helping secondary school students to make good career choices. Choosing elective subjects at the end of year 8 will have an impact on the array of study and work opportunities a student will be able to tap at the end of his or her secondary school. Similarly, in year 11 students, who would be finishing off their compulsory schooling need to make important choices, particularly whether to invest further in their education, and if so, in which path.

MCAST provides a very wide portfolio of study areas that are very closely linked to the labour market. The ProCrew courses provided at the Centre for Maritime Studies at MCAST is one such progression route into further and higher education.

The more guidance teachers are well informed about education and training opportunities beyond compulsory schooling, the more they are able to provide useful information to their students. We are sure that this information session has helped Church school guidance teachers to get very useful information that will enable them to give a better service to their students. This session was organised with the full cooperation of the Secretariat for Catholic Education of the Catholic Church of Malta.

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