ProCrew team marketing the ProCrew suite of courses for careers in the super yacht industry

Monday 19 November was yet another busy day for the ProCrew team marketing the ProCrew suite of courses for careers in the super yacht industry.

The day kicked off on the outskirts of Qormi, with a meeting attended by over 200 year 11 boys and girls from St Ignatius Secondary School at Tal-Ħandaq. Eng Caruana, aided by Mr Julian Izzo, gave a presentation about MCAST’s Centre for Maritime Studies and about careers in the maritime industry. The presentation then focused on new programmes being developed by MCAST and its partners, the Malta Maritime Forum and City of Glasgow College, as part of the ProCrew project, which is part-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries fund. During the session students asked about careers in the maritime industry, particularly in the super yacht sector. This interactive information session is an integral part of these students’ career guidance education in a critical point in their educational life where they start thinking very seriously about which route their education and training journey should take. Preparing oneself to work on a super yacht, a super tanker or a mega cruise liner is somehow off the beaten track and our team’s sessions in secondary schools are aiming at enabling students to think big, far and wide!

The ProCrew team then drove all the way up to Ċirkewwa to take the ferry to the island of Gozo. They then drove up to Rabat where they met a group of over 250 boys and girls from the Gozo College Secondary School. Students asked about maritime careers ranging from work on super yachts to working in the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta. Our information sessions about deck operations, maritime engineering and maritime hotel services seem to be lighting students’ imagination. And we’re enjoying it!