Outreach seminars for secondary school students

Today we kicked off a series of outreach seminars for secondary school students to make them aware of career opportunities in the maritime industry, in particular the Small Vessel Officers route. The seminar was led by Eng Godwin Caruana, Deputy Director Programme Management at the Institute of Engineering and Transport of MCAST. The seminar was attended by 68 boys and 63 girls from St Clare College Secondary School at Pembroke. An initial presentation gave students an insight on opportunities available in the maritime industry and the courses that they would have to take up to meet the IMO standards. Particular importance was given to the Pro Crew programmes which lead to various careers in the super yacht industry. The presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session which showed the keen interest young people have in this not very known sector of the economy. We seemed to have caught the imagination of a young lady in the audience who said that she interested in becoming a Chief Mate or a Master Mariner on board a super yacht. We hope MCAST will enable her to fulfil her dream!

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