Partnering with industry: The Bumi Armada Gas Tanker

MCAST’s Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) has partnered with Bumi Armada to offer hands-on training on board the LNG-FSU vessel Armada LNG Mediterrana at Marsaxlokk Port. First year students in the Diploma in Deck Operations course can experience life on board a fully functional vessel, before actually embarking on a twelve-month sea-going experience on ocean going ships. Following approved procedures under the guidelines of the ship’s staff, CMS Cadets familiarise themselves with the vessel’s day-to-day running of machinery, bridge navigation equipment and overall cargo operations. Participation in watch-keeping is also part of the overall training. Cadets document their learning experience by keeping a logbook. The first group of CMS Cadets who successfully completed their fifteen-day-long on-board experience disembarked on 27 August 2018. We look forward to more Cadets benefitting from this interesting opportunity.

Download PowerPoint Presentation: ALM – Onboard Training

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