Partnering with industry: The Bumi Armada Gas Tanker

MCAST’s Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) has partnered with Bumi Armada to offer hands-on training on board the LNG-FSU vessel Armada LNG Mediterrana at Marsaxlokk Port. First year students in the Diploma in Deck Operations course can experience life on board a fully functional vessel, before actually embarking on a twelve-month sea-going experience on ocean going ships. Following approved procedures under the guidelines of the ship’s staff, CMS Cadets familiarise themselves with the vessel’s day-to-day running of machinery, bridge navigation equipment and overall cargo operations. Participation in watch-keeping is also part of the overall training. Cadets document their learning experience by keeping a logbook. The first group of CMS Cadets who successfully completed their fifteen-day-long on-board experience disembarked on 27 August 2018. We look forward to more Cadets benefitting from this interesting opportunity.

Download PowerPoint Presentation: ALM – Onboard Training

Stay in touch for further calls for applications for trainers.

The ProCrew team have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to begin the final stages of our project. Interviews for lecturing staff re ProCrew courses are currently underway.
In the meantime, we’re also gearing up for our train-the-trainer initiatives to ensure our teaching faculty is well prepared by the time we get the courses up and running.

Stay in touch for further calls for applications for trainers.

Also keep your eyes peeled on a notice for the launch of our website.

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ProCrew Introduction

Our Purpose

To create opportunities for young people (and not so young!) to obtain the qualifications necessary to work in the SUPERYACHT industry.

What qualifications?

These qualifications will allow you to work on the DECK or in the ENGINE room for vessels up to 3000GT. To GETTING QUALIFIED means spending time at a college as well as at sea. The qualifications obtained are INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED. This will be the first time qualifications of this calibre will be available in Malta.

Why Malta?

Malta currently doesn’t offer a pathway for people wanting to work in the superyacht industry, YET there is currently a fleet of approximately 450 superyachts flying the Maltese flag. A walk around the Grand Harbour in Valletta shows that MALTA IS A DESTINATION OF CHOICE FOR MANY SUPERYACHTS.
Malta has a fantastic location in the Mediterranean Sea and has excellent transport links to Europe and the rest of the world. The official languages are Maltese and English, which is the international language for ships at sea. These are some of the reasons why Malta would make an excellent training centre for people wanting to follow this career pathway.

Do these qualifications already exist?

YES. The qualification follows an established framework. Presently a student would have to go the South of France, UK or USA to undertake the training courses. The courses being developed would follow this framework but also be unique in the way that they are delivered and recognise a student’s achievements.

What makes us unique?

The course will consist of TWO ELEMENTS, an online learning programme and a classroom module, leading to the approved assessment.
This will allow flexibility in delivery so that even when they are at sea, a student can progress their career. By completing the online learning a student will gain a deeper knowledge of the subject area before going to college and sitting the exam.  The programme developers are also looking at ways to incorporate an academic group award to recognise the student’s achievement, which is an advantage if or when they wanted to change career direction and work ashore.

Who is developing the programme?

A professional team at the City of Glasgow College is developing the course materials. There is a dedicated team of subject experts, who along with the learning technologies staff, are working on the classroom and e-learning packages. Their job is to create materials, which will allow a student to develop their skills at sea and in the classroom, providing them with the qualifications necessary for the super yacht industry.


All teams on board are working at full speed to launch PROCREW. It’s anticipated that the courses would be offered to students as from EARLY 2019.

Meet team ProCrew! The masterminds behind this unique project.

The team from the City of Glasgow College flew over to meet their Maltese counterparts, MCAST, Malta Maritime Forum, MMRTC.
A full day conference was held so that each team member could put forward their ideas and thus fulfil their piece of the larger puzzle… and ohhhhh what a spectacular puzzle it will be ⛴️⚓🌊
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Co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Welcome to ProCrew!

ProCrew is a multi-faceted professional SUPERYACHT training course providing a virtual, global as well as on site experience. This course is catered to allowing individuals to study in their own time and at their own pace.

ProCrew is a co-funded European Union project by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in collaboration with MCAST, City of Glasgow College, *Malta Maritime Forum*.

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